Logic Pro X Template – Bording From www.wemakedancemusic.com

Here is a cool music project with a underground vibe and cool chopped vocal grooves. Its well put together and featuring 30 channels that can be easily customized. Genre wize it a blend of tech, house and some progressive elements. Arrangements are smooth and can be a great base to build a new track upon! It does need a few plugins, Kickstart, Sylenth 1 and WAVES (We presume the platinum bundle…)

buy it now for only 15$  https://www.wemakedancemusic.com/en/bording-logic-pro-x-template


Well this is a nice grooving Tech House Template with a French touch (Now boarding sample loop) for those who wants to make tech house this is a very good start point ..also include some cool plugins …. Go ahead have fun !

Product Specs

  • Bording – Logic X full project
  • 124Bpm
  • 6:29
  • 72.6 Mb
  • 30 channels
  • 3 Midi
  • 27 Audio
  • 13 send fx / bus / side chain
  • Finalized mastered audio files , Logic X project file
  • Sylenth1,Kickstart Waves, The glue , NI Plugins , Sausage Fattener, Logic X plugins used


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