This project is a very useful tool for producers of all levels, creating and customizing proper risers sound effects to enhance the breakdowns an add intensity to the drops. This project include 10 different risers producer with Sylenth 1, all of them are on individual channels with their own setting and automations, they are all tuned in the C key, we this this is a perfect start, just adapt the key to your own tune, export the audio and drop it into your track. For advanced user we would suggest to export the channel setting and reimport it to your own project to fit your audio program to perfection.

The pack also include the rizers in WAV format and the Sylenth 1 banks as a bonus.

Get it for 10$:



Plugins Used: Sylenth 1


Logic Pro X Project Mikas Tuned Riser For Sylenth 1 Mikas offer us years of synthesis and audio engineering studies with Tuned Risers. This project include 10 Rising sound channels all produced with Sylenth 1. Using a fair amount of automation to add accents and depth to the program form the synthesisers these ca early adapted to the exact key and BPM of your projects. If you are an advanced user you can have fun tweaking this and playing with the sound banks included in this project.

Product Specs

  • 100% MIDI and Automation
  • NO AUDIO!!
  • 10 Channels
  • 10 FXP (Separated)
  • 1 Sylenth 1 Soundbank (10 Presets)
  • The folder also include the Wav audio files.


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