We wanted to review this one for a long time, thanks to www.logictemplates.com for providing us with a free copy!

Unzipping the package we find 4 different templates, Club Mix, Radio Mix, DJ Set & Podcast / Radio Show Mastering.

We tested the club mix chain with 3 well produced tracks and 1 that still needed some work. We where quite amazed with the flexibility of the chain, just dropped the tracks and exported them, all tracks came out clean and loud without any audible distortion. The 4th tracks sounded great and it seem like the mix problems were improved by the processing!

The instructions, this chain also include a PDF file with detailed instructions about the functions of all plugins, it is simply written and easy to understand, we started tweaking the settings and got a good grasp on what was being done within a few minutes. These mastering chains have been well put together with a great guide that will give you a deep understanding of what is happening and why.

The Radio Mix template delivers a slightly different sound, more compression, overall sound is more even and clear, definitely a good sound for the commercial material.

The DJ Mix is simple and will get your mix sounding rich and full without affecting the material to much.

The Bonus Podcast / Radio Show Mastering is very useful with Vocal, introduction and advertising channels, the host voice is sidechained to the main mix to ensure clean audible vocals. Just drop the Mix, Ads, Intro and you got yourself a pro radio show.

Buy it now for 15$ https://www.logictemplates.com/lgten/waves-mastering-chains-logic-pro-9-template

Plugins Used

C1 Sidechain


L2 Ultramaximizer


L3-16 Multimaximizer


Puig Child

Req 6




NOW V1.2

Waves Mastering Chains For Logic Pro:  This  package includes 3 + 1 essential mastering templates. These are the result of 10+ years of work refining and selecting the best plugins and settings. 
Dance Song (Club Mix):This template is specially engineered to maximize the volume, enhance the low-end and add punch to the kickdrum and percussive elements. It is flexible and will work with most types of programs. The different stages of compression can be modified and understood using our Producer Tips and Tricks document.
Dance Song (Radio Mix): This template is engineered to match today’s radio style of mastering with more control over the frequencies and a tighter bandwidth which is key to having your tracks sound good on the radio.
Dj Set & Podcast Mastering
BONUS: Podcast / Radio Show Mastering 

Product Specs

  • Works with Logic 8-9 Or X
  • Waves plugins required
  • REQ6
  • C1 Sidechain
  • L3 Ultramaximizer
  • Lin-MB
  • Center
  • Puig Child
  • SSL G Channel
  • L316
  • SSL Comp
  • L2
  • Dorrough Loudness Meter (Optional)


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